Welcome to the
Catholic Foundation
of West Central Wisconsin

Our Legacy of Faith, Hope, and Love.


In our end-of-life planning, we often remember our family and children, but as Catholics, we often forget to include the parish, school, or ministry that supported us through so many life changes and stages. Let planned giving through the Catholic Foundation help you leave a legacy of faith for generations to come.

Planned giving is arranging your gift to be received in the future or at death. Planned giving is easy to do and there are many benefits to the process, such as tax advantages, sources of income, convenience, and peace of mind.


The Foundation ensures Catholics a way to leave their legacy uniquely aligned with their Catholic values and beliefs. Donors enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that their gift directly supports the Catholic organizations that they choose.


The Foundation assists donors throughout the 19-counties of West Central Wisconsin in creating a meaningful impact through planned giving and charitable fund management. Additionally, the Foundation works closely with the charitable entities that the donors designate as beneficiaries, as well as with Catholic organizations who apply for grants.